Speaking of Serial

By Idaho Statesman/Boise State Public Radio

What's Speaking of Serial about?

Listen along with us as This American Life's Serial podcast revisits the case of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl of Hailey, Idaho. Bergdahl walked away from his unit in Afghanistan in 2009 and was captured, marking five birthdays in captivity before his release. Now, he faces a full military court-martial. Reporters with the Idaho Statesman and Boise State Public Radio discuss Bergdahl's case, Serial's reporting and what happens when an Idahoan becomes the center of international news.

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Speaking of Serial Encore E...


A military judge decided not to sentence Hailey, Idaho native Bowe Bergdahl to prison time Friday, Nov. 3. In this encore episode of Speaking of Serial, Idaho Statesman and Boise State Public Radio journalists sit down to digest the news ...

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