SPIDERMAN Update! Sony Spiderverse Plan Explained!

08.28.2019 - By Inside Marvel: An MCU Podcast

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Spider-Man Leaving the MCU opening the door to a Sony Spiderverse with a Venom crossover and the Sinister Six? Is a secret deal between Marvel and Sony still in the works... or is it too good to be true? Erik Voss breaks down the latest updates about the Spider-Man drama, what Kevin Feige and Tom Holland have said about the breakup, and updates about the writers for Spider-Man 3. Could Spider-Man save the Venom movies? How could Kraven the Hunter be one of the most fearful villains Spider-Man ever faces? How could Peter Parker live on separate from the MCU? And despite Marvel's successes with the character, what has this version of Spider-Man lacked that Sony could improve upon?
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