Spiritual Empowerment with Singer Safiya Oni | S3 E11

04.23.2022 - By Life Continuing

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Safiya Oni is a mezzo soprano singer/songwriter for Mono Creek Sound, and is a sacred seer and certified life coach for Oni’s Vitality. She is a native of Toronto, ON (Canada) who has spent much of her life in Atlanta, GA, Detroit, MI and the countryside of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. As a dedicated scholar of music, the meta-physics and herbal medicine, Safiya incorporates those modalities into her music and empowerment practice. She embodies gratitude, divinity and empathy for others in her daily life. Her goal is to use her music to inspire people to become in tune with their joy.Check out my conversation with Safiya, all about her spiritual insights, her music and soulful offerings on her website onisvitality.comCONTACT SAF:Instagram @Saf_OniSafiyaOni.com (http://safiyaoni.com/)OnisVitality.com (http://onisvitality.com/) (Sacred Empowerment Co.)You can reach out to her at [email protected]*******************PROMO:wellnesscontinuing.com (https://www.wellnesscontinuing.com/)* Healing Meditation Music with Binaural Beats* DreamTime Wisdom YouTube Channel * BlogLIFE CONTINUINGlifecontinuing.com (https://www.lifecontinuing.com/)Instagram:@lifecontinuingpodcastCreator: Tania BergAdvisor: Amanda CupidoMusic: Richard FerenEditor: Cathy Ord

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