Spotlight Series! Repost: Integrating Faith and Psychology with Dr. Greg Bottaro

09.07.2020 - By Do Something Beautiful

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We're continuing our Spotlight Series with this recurring guest!

This episode with Dr. Greg Bottaro is one of our most popular episodes - if you haven't listened to it yet, you're in for a GOOD one! And even if you have heard it, it's probably a good time to revisit some of the amazing advice from Dr. Greg...

Have you ever found yourself compulsively ruminating about the past? Or full of anxiety about the future? Sure you have. But the good news is, God desires freedom for you and there are real practical steps you can take towards that freedom!

Leah talks with Dr. Greg Bottaro, PsyD, Executive Director and Founder of the Catholic Psych Institute, about what the Catholic faith has to offer us, particularly where it intersects with good mental, emotional, and psychological health. Fundamentally, we find out that it's all about connecting to a God who loves us as a good and caring Father.

Challenge from Dr. Greg: Take 5 minutes to completely unplug and do something that you FEEL is a waste of your time. (A second step is to observe what kinds of thoughts and feelings arise.)

You can learn more about Dr. Greg's work and the Catholic Psych Institute at, and his 8-week Introduction to Catholic Mindfulness course at

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