#137 Sprouting Tiny Communities 200 Houses At A Time with Sprout Tiny Homes

04.11.2018 - By Tiny House Podcast

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If there is one company that has the greatest potential of unseating Tumbleweed as the largest, best known company in the tiny house community, it’s tiny house developer Sprout Tiny Homes. Nearly from the get-go, Sprout set their sights not only on the one-home-sale retail market, but also on the larger opportunity represented by full-blown tiny house developments. As a result, they are in the process of developing 200 unit communities, complete with planned community designs promising to significantly increase live-ability and desirability. Alan Kirchhoff, Sprout representative shares both Sprout and his own perspective on living tiny, how tiny homes for the homeless are affecting tiny house reputations, and of course, codes, zoning laws and the economics of building 200 homes at a time. http://sprouttinyhomes.com

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