St Mawgan I saw Two Faces watching from the Trees, could it be Bigfoot Red Eyeshine, Growls

10.03.2019 - By Bigfoot/Dogman/Unexplained

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Hi, I’ve seen you on British Bigfoot UK program on Youtube and I realised I may have seen the creatures that you talk about years ago when I was working. I’m kinda in shock, to tell you the truth so I was unsure whether to get in touch or not. But you said it was ok to report anything to you so I thought I would write in and explain what happened.  I used to live in Devon and Cornwall, little village called st Mawgan, I was unsure what to write as  I wanted to say I’ve seen one of those creatures you see for sure and I think there was another one with it but I only clearly saw one. I know what I saw, while I was out making cages in wood for my bosses pheasant hunt, just outside of St Mawgan, I used to hear wood knocks all the time down there and I wasn't really sure what it was at first. My boss said when I asked him about the noises and the thing I saw and he said "oh yer we call them woodwoes"  Do you know if there’s anymore reports from that area hope you get this.It was about 20 odd years ago that it happened. I was in my early 20' s, maybe 22 or 23 years old I think.As I said I lived in a little village called Saint Mawgan not far from Newquay. There are lots off cliff roads and high wall roads when you get out of the town. I was in this field and the only way I can describe it is that it was wooded all around with steep hills but with a field in the bottom. My old boss used to keep pheasants and other birds up there. People paid him to shoot on his land. He and I were up on the side of the hill on the far edge. I remember climbing though vegetation and trees. He also owns land near Dartmoor too.Anyway I was talking to him about the pheasants and birds and afterwards me and another guy and his daughter were left there to finish off the work. We were left alone. I remember getting finished and hearing a wood knock about 30 yards away. I couldn't see anything. I looked at them and they looked at each other and said nothing so we just carried on packing up. It started again louder and closer and made me jump. Once again they didn't say anything. They just carried on working. I was kind of thinking perhaps it was a woodpecker but no. Then they left and I stayed behind because they only had a little van.I had to wait to get picked up later. This was the was the reason I stayed.I couldn't make out where the sound was coming from I could still see the edge of the forest where we had been before when I had heard it earlier on. I waited on the edge of the forest and I could hear rustling in the bushes. I looked but I couldn't see anything and then I guess my eyes adjusted and began to focus because I saw a face. This face was looking back at me and there were clicks and whistles everywhere. I dunno why I still wasn’t sure what it was. I walked forward to try to have a better view. Then it stood up. I don’t know why but I just felt it was not fully grown. It was a male about 6 foot 5 inches tall. It was kind of copper colour and it looked right at me.It was gone in a shot as I heard my old bosses Land Rover returning to collect me. I got in and I said nothing. He was like "What’s up with you? " I was like "Has anyone ever said anything about a Bigfoot here?" "Oh yes, we call them "woodwose" here" he replied "Just leave them be"I have never told anyone about this and I don’t know why I’m telling you! I felt that it had been watching us all the time we were out there. I wish I could explain it all more fully to you as I am sitting here remembering things about that day . I have heard people say you get a smell with them. I didn't get any smell and I don't know why. Anyway,  I’ve told you now and I am glad I did because I know what I saw.Just a little further along the coast there is another sighting of a Red Eyed Creature that was reported in January 2010. - It was back in January 2010 in an area called Barnstable of the South West Coast. It was approx 5:30 am so still dark. I was driving ...

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