Standing For God in a Secular World with Bachelorette Desiree Siegfried

04.27.2021 - By Truth Talks with Tara

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Former Bachelorette, Desiree Siegfried, is joining us in today's episode to share a snippet of her testimony and also how she remained firm in her faith in a secular world / industry. She is a fellow podcaster, bridal gown designer, mother, Oregon native and soon, an author of "The Road to Roses."   As Christians, we feel the tension to live in the world but not be OF it. How in the world are we supposed to remain firm in our faith, stay discerning and live for God when we live in such secular, evil times? Desiree is sharing some practical encouragement from God's Word on how to block out the noise of the world, live for God and prioritize time with Him.   Preorder Desiree's book on Amazon here:;=road+to+roses&qid;=1619303862&sr;=8-1   Follow Desiree on Instagram:   Follow Tara on Instagram for daily encouragement:   The blog and email family:

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