Start Me Up with Kimberley A. Johnson

By Kimberley A. Johnson

What's Start Me Up with Kimberley A. Johnson about?

Hosted by blogger and author Kimberley A. Johnson.'Start Me Up' isn't just any other podcast. I'm willing to call BS when I see it and I don't care if it's coming from a rightwinger or a self-professed bleedingheart liberal. I'm not always politically correct and I'm a huge fan of loose talk and salty language. Sarcasm is guaranteed and political correctness will be at a minimum. This podcast is for anyone who wants to listen to compelling conversations with a variety of guests about current events and controversial topics.

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Abortion Debate With Libert...


Joe is an anti choice conservative Libertarian. I am a prochoice progressive Democrat. In the name of unity, we will discuss abortion and try to find common ground. We are on different sides of the debate and both of us ...

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