Status Quo 2022

01.03.2022 - By Counterbalance

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Fæhu, faithful listeners! Thank you so much for waiting so patiently for new Counterbalance Episodes to drop. Here is an Update/Status Quo on where we are at right now and where we're going from here. tl;dl (too long, didn't listen): Counterbalance Production has never halted, but it has been slowed down to a painfully slow production speed. I will withhold all of Season 1 for now, until I can be sure to produce at a more steady pace, as things swing back into normalcy. Until then, I am releasing Finished Episodes on at the 3$ Tiers, but withhold them from the Public Feed until Season 1 is completed. You can also check out our Website for new non-podcast-y content. We will begin releasing Counterbalance again in 2022 - Spirit-promise!

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