925: Stephen Scoggin’s Habits | Life Is About Choices, Consequences And Perspective

09.20.2021 - By The Ziglar Show

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#925: I’m back with Stephen Scoggins, whose rags to riches story I shared in episode 923, and this time we are talking through his personal habits. He shares a lot of heartfelt lessons that resulted in habits which pulled him from homelessness to $100 million dollar businesses, such as the clip I led off with in the intro. You’ll hear multiple concepts on habits that will give you ideas for yourself. Such as, Steven strives to address all the spokes of his life during a given day, but he gives proactive focus to one specific spoke. That concept alone was worth the episode, but there was far more that grabbed my attention. You can connect with Stepghen at StephenScoggins.com and check out his Transform U event coming up Oct. 21-23.
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