Stoic - The Invincible Soul

By YogaGirl_Izzy

What's Stoic - The Invincible Soul about?

I love everything about self development, spirituality and philosophy. Because of my love for these things, i read a lot of books, and i listen to a lot of podcasts.
These books and podcast have proved extremely useful to me.
What i have noticed though is that a lot of the inspirational books i read and inspirational podcasts that i listen to focus on the things that we can control. They focus on the things that we can control in order to achieve success and live our best lives.
I have realized that success is not just achieved through controlling the things that we can control.
There are things that happen in people's lives that are beyond anyone's control regardless of how hard a person works at doing the right things.
The way that we respond, welcome, and interpret those things that happen in our lives that are beyond our control, also determines our level of success and well-being in life.
Success is not just achieved through controlling the things that we can control.
Success is also achieved through properly managing and dealing with the things that are beyond our control.
This is the part of the conversation i believe is missing from the discussions.
That is what this podcast is about.
In this podcast, I employ stoic philosophy in discussing how to properly manage and deal with situations that are beyond our control.
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