#58. Stop Worrying About The Future

04.10.2022 - By A Voice and Beyond

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Do you experience feelings such as self doubt, fear, anger, anxiety, guilt, shame, or perhaps even regret? Try not to get caught up worrying about worse case scenarios, as they may never happen. We're all having to come to terms with the fear of what "could" happen next. Now more than ever, on any given day, we all have a moment where we struggle with our fears. If you are always stressing about the future, you will be held to ransom by this overwhelm. You are never going to give yourself the opportunity to experience the joys of the here and the now. You must shift your focus to the present. I promise you that you aren't going to know yourself.

In this solo episode I focus on the importance of dedicating time for yourself, leveraging stress to our advantage, letting go of our future worries and allowing ourselves to embrace the unknown.

In this episode 1:10 - Do you often feel overwhelmed?  2:36 - Find time for you  3:45 - Leverage stress to your advantage 4:58 - Don’t fear the future 7:03 -  Allow yourself to let go and embrace the unknown
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