Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan

By Obsessed Network

What's Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan about?

From Executive Producer Patrick Hinds and the Obsessed Network comes a new podcast about all the things that make us wonder. Each week, we’ll tell you a true story that will fascinate and terrify you: a family who receive letters from a “Watcher” after moving into their new house, a hotel that’s seen so much death that it has to be cursed, UFO encounters, hauntings, Bigfoot sightings, and so much more. Written and hosted by Tony Award-winning actor and celebrated writer Daisy Eagan, “Strange and Unexplained” is a journey into the uncomfortable and the unknowable that will leave you both laughing and sleeping with the lights on.

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S2 Ep36: Mercy Brown & The ...


The cultural fear of vampires stretches back centuries throughout Europe, but in the continental U.S. it took seed from another fear entirely: tuberculosis. The New England Vampire Panic of the 19th-century was a reaction to a deadly disease so mysterious ...

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