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The Summerwind Haunting

Located in the northeast region of Wisconsin, the Summerwind Mansion is one of the oldest and most popular tales of a haunted house in America.  Beginning in the early 1900s, several owners who have lived at Summerwind have experienced unexplained and disturbing paranormal activity.  From ghostly apparitions, creepy voices and shadow figures, corpses found in hidden crawlspaces, and the house’s apparent ability to change its shape, the Summerwind Mansion remains as a favorite scary legend among the locals. Though the house is now just a site of burnt ruins, the mansion had a dark history of paranormal events.  Three different owners experienced strange and disturbing occurrences during their stay.  The first owner, Robert Lamont, was so startled by the sudden appearance of a spirit that he fired his pistol at it.  The Hinshaw Family lasted only six months before being driven away by the wide range of disturbing and frightening experiences, to the point that the husband and wife had mental breakdowns.  Finally a man named Raymond Bober wrote a book detailing his time staying at the mansion, claiming that the dimension and layout of the house would change overnight without any explanation. Is there any legitimacy to the claims of the haunting at Summerwind?  Are all these events just a coincidence, or is there something unknown underlying and tying together the plights of these three owners?  Listen in and hear all about this fascinating haunting!


The Keddie Cabin Murders

The Keddie Cabin Murders is a disturbing quadruple homicide that took place in Keddie, California.  This infamous unsolved crime involves the murder of several family members in a cabin in the late night of April 11, 1981.  This brutal murder case is notorious not just for its dark and gruesome nature, but also for the fact that many believe the investigation was a failure and the main suspects were allowed to be let go despite the large amount of evidence against them. Sue Sharp and her five children had recently moved from the east coast to California following a troubled marriage.  Sue would rent a cabin in the sparsely populate Keddie area, a run down town in a county that had a rampant drug problem.  On the morning of April 12, Sheila,  the oldest daughter, returned to the family cabin.  Sheila never could have imagined that when the door opened she would find three bloody corpses laying in the main room.  Even more disturbing, her younger sister Tina was no where to be found. The police investigation has been noted as being quite poor and incompetent, law enforcement missing physical evidence and ignoring other pieces that should have been looked at further.  The following interrogations of the primary suspects was handled in a confusingly half hearted way, the men who were thought to have been the culprits were allowed to simply leave without any follow up actions to their shady statements made about the crime.  To this day the mystery of the Keddie Murders is still unsolved, but the continued work into the case has many hopeful that someday we will finally get the full story on what happened in that cabin on that fateful night.


The Bridgend Suicides

This episode of Strange Matters covers the dark and disturbing series of deaths known as the Bridgend Suicides.  Over the course of several years, dozens of people, mostly young adults and teens, would suddenly and without warning take their own lives.  Almost of all these deaths were caused by hanging.  The story of the Bridgend Suicides spread globally due to the heavy media  involvement, as news spread across the world of the mysterious and deadly trend that was plaguing this small Welsh town. Starting in early 2007,  a number of teens were found dead,  apparently from hanging themselves in areas around Bridgend, located in South Wales.  No one could figure out why the suicides continued one after another.  Worried parents grew concerned about their children, scared that they could be next.   Making matters worse, the media stirred up more attention and popularity for the events that were occurring in Bridgend, to the point of nearly glamorizing the deaths and making the recently deceased famous in the area.  Some believe that all this attention from the media may have led to even more suicides. Over the years,  many have wondered at the cause behind the deaths.  Some blame an internet death cult of some kind.  Others state the boredom caused by the small town caused depression in the youth.  Still more came up with more outlandish explanations.   Whatever the cause, the deaths at Bridgend remain one of the most infamous suicide clusters in the modern world.


Apocalyptic Events – Super Virus & A.I. Takeover

In this follow up  to our latest Patreon episode, Strange Matters continues the End of the World discussion with several events which could lead to an apocalyptic downfall for humanity.  In this episode we talk about the dangers of Super Viruses, as well as the threat of an Artificial Intelligence Takeover.  Both of these hazards have the potential to wipe out a large portion of humanity, if not drive mankind straight into extinction. A “Super Virus” is any virus that is considered particularly powerful, deadly, and resistant to any type of treatment.  In order for a virus to be deadly enough to pose a threat to human life on Earth, it would have to possess several key traits.  Fortunately for us, any such deadly virus in the recent years has  been  contained and quarantined, but the risks is out there that a highly contagious and fatal Super Virus could show up at any time. Artificial Intelligence is a term describing the intelligence that can be exhibited by a machine.  The goal being worked on currently is to create an A.I. in which a robotic machine or program had the ability to learn and think, much in the same way that a human mind works.  However, while many are excited about the prospect of man creating such superhuman intelligence in a machine, others are wary of the dangers.  An Artificial Intelligence could turn hostile, thinking of humans as its competitor on Earth, causing it to eliminate mankind rather than working alongside it. Tune in to this episode and hear all about these two deadly events which could lead to an Apocalyptic end to humanity!    


The Lost Heiress – Dorothy Arnold Mystery

“On a crisp December day in 1910, Dorothy Arnold walked out of the pages of life and left behind her a mystery that outdoes fiction. There have been a thousand theories, a million rumors- but not one shred of real evidence which might explain where she went, how she went, or why.” This newspaper quote perfectly summarizes the unsolved disappearance case of Dorothy Arnold, the heiress of a wealthy New York family, who vanished suddenly and without explanation.  Dorothy Arnold was a well known and liked socialite of a prestigious family.   The young woman had aspirations of becoming a writer, though all of her submitted works came back rejected.  Dorothy was secretly carrying out a romantic relationship with an older man, against her family’s wishes.  On one fateful day in December of 1910, Dorothy said farewell to her mother and left the house to go shopping.  The distinguished Arnold family would never see her again. The mystery of this cases revolves around the bizarre question, how does a woman simply vanish while walking along a busy city street in the middle of the day?  There are far more questions than answers in this intriguing mystery: Did Dorothy run away?  Was she abducted, kidnapped, or murdered? Did her secret lover have anything to do with her disappearance?  Was Dorothy’s depression too great to continue living? Almost any theory is as plausible as any other due to the complete lack of evidence and clues following the young lady’s disappearance. Listen to this episode of Strange Matters and hear all about what was called at the time the most famous Missing Persons case in American History!  


The Zombie Apocalypse

In this episode of Strange Matters we talk all about the undead monsters known as zombies.  These terrifying creatures are reanimated human corpses that have risen yet again, this time with an insatiable urge to consume living flesh.  As the popularity of zombies spread in the modern culture, many people wonder what life would be like surviving in a zombie apocalypse.   Originally linked to Haitain folkore, where human corpses would rise by use of dark magic, the concept of zombies have changed over the past century.  In the early stages of the idea, most zombies were depicted in films and literature as simply mindless creatures who served their masters.   That all changed in the late 1960’s when suddenly zombies were shown  to be the stumbling, violent, and hungry monsters that we know and love them as today! Along with discussing the history of zombies, we go into details about what would life be like in the zombie apocalypse.   We talk about how the outbreak might spread, the impacts it would have on society, and our thoughts on the best strategies to avoid becoming yet another unleaded being. Finally we also go over the listener feedback sent in for our Zombie Survival Challenge!  From what the best weapon is to fight off the undead horde, the ideal settlement location and type, and general strategies to survive in a world overtaken by walking corpses, we discuss the different answers we got in response to the challenge. Thanks to everyone who participated!    


Unexplained Hauntings, Spirits, & Paranormal Activity

In this episode of Strange Matters we discuss four unexplained mysteries and legendary tales.  Each of these cases involve the potential of hauntings, paranormal activity, and spiritual involvement.  From one of the world’s most haunted locations, to a mysterious  bleeding house, and two tales of malignant spirits, the topics discussed in this episode are as interesting as they are spooky.   In the Black Forest Haunting, the Lee family moved into an isolated log home set in the thickest regions of the woods.  Shortly after moving in, the family began to experience strange and disturbing activity for which they could not explain.  Loud and random sounds, lights turning on and off, mysterious break-ins,  and most disturbing of all sightings of shadow figures and ghostly apparitions in the house.   Neither the police nor home security systems could explain logically what was going on.  In desperation, the Lees turned to Psychic Investigators, ghost busters, and local shamans in an attempt to understand the bizarre nature of their home. The Atlanta Blood House makes for a strange and unique mystery.  The Winston couple shockingly discovered one day a red substance splattered and pooled all over their house.  After a quick police investigation and forensic testing, it was confirmed that the red liquid found in the Winston’s home was actually human blood.   Where this large amount of blood came from and for what reason it appeared is still unknown to this day. Lastly we cover two old legendary tales involving troublesome spirits.   The Taotaomo’na is an ancestral spirit believed to roam certain areas of Guam.  These spirits were known to be very territorial, and great care and respect must be given when passing through these lands… or else.   Finally we present the tale of La Llorona, a malevolent spirit which has been haunting Southwestern Hispanic cultures for centuries.  La Llorona was once a beautiful young woman who became a mother to two children.  However, after she committed an unspeakable crime, this woman would pass on to becoming this fearful spirit.  The legend goes that La Llorona still prowls the nights in search of young victims to claim as her own. For more podcast visit the Dark Myths Collective  


The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is a trendy term used to describe a particularly strange phenomenon that a large number of individuals feel they are experiencing.  Numerous different people all over the world have discovered that they share the exact same memories of certain subjects and events… Memories that in reality turn out to be completely false. Those who dig deeper into this theory have used it as evidence of such outlandish  claims as time travel, parallel dimensions, and shifting timelines.  The root of the Mandela Effect lies in circumstances when people suddenly find out that something that they believe they know from their past is suddenly changed.  This can range from song lyrics, movie lines, and even to how the way words are spelled being completely different from how they remembered in the past.  In certain people’s memories, what they used to remember clearly and  vividly  is no more, and never has been.  While many consider the Mandela Effect to be merely a case of mass misremembering or false memories, others aren’t so sure.  There are claims that due to the large amount of people sharing these similar false memories, that it could be evidence of something, or someone, tampering with our past.  These theories range from meddlesome time travelers, to people being unknowingly shifted into a different timeline in which things are much different from what they remember. So is it possible that there are multiple parallel dimensions that we are constantly switching between? Or is the Mandela Effect simply a case of  mass coincidences?  Tune in and listen to some of the theories and popular examples of the Mandela Effect in action! To Support Strange Matters please visit our Patreon Page


May Day Mystery – Cryptography Part I

On May 1st of 1995, a student at the University of Arizona named Bryan Hance was reading through the local college paper when he came across a full page advert which contained a cryptic mix of images, maps, languages, and equations.  Coincidentally on the same day of May 1st for the next two years, Bryan would again see these bizarre full page ‘May Day” ads of seemingly random and nonsensical images. Deciding to dig deeper, Bryan would soon find himself obsessed trying to uncover and decipher  one of the strangest coded mysteries of the modern times. Soon more light was shown onto this mystery.  These full-paged May Day cryptic puzzles went back in the local paper for decades, with additional smaller advertisements placed throughout the years as well.  Still, no one knew who was behind them or what purpose they served.  Through the years many people from all over the world have tried to crack the code behind the May Day Pages, which hides its clues in obscure historical, mathematical and geographical puzzles. Are these May Day adverts the work of a secret society as a way to get their message out?  An eccentric game which will lead whoever can solve the puzzle to a vast fortune? Or simply the rambling works of an unstable but genius madman?  Tune in and hear all the theories and ideas behind this modern cryptic mystery! View the May Day Mystery Website to view all the texts! To listen to more great podcast please visit Dark Myths Collective To hear Part II of our Cryptography series, as well as getting access to all future bonus episodes, please visit our Patreon Page


The Colonia Dignidad

In 1961, a German man named Paul Schäfer formed a community in an isolated region in Chile.  Known as the Colonia Dignidad, or Dignity Colony, this large complex was constructed originally  as a place of community welfare and harmony, which promoted free schooling and health care for all.  Behind it’s barbed wire fences however, Paul Schäfer was secretly creating  a living nightmare of violence and abuse for those trapped inside. The Colonia Dignidad would operate independently and secretly for three decades.  During that time thousands of people were forced to suffer cruelties under their harsh leader.  Schäfer, a former Nazi who served in World War II, turned his “Dignity Colony” into his own personal paradise of sadism and torture.  Those who suffered the worst in that time was the young children, on whom Schäfer would turn his perverse attention to for years.  Disturbingly, both the Chilean and German governments turned a blind eye as to what was going on inside the colony, leaving their people to the whims of a deeply disturbed man. It took nearly thirty years until those on the outside finally started to stand up to Schäfer and work to take down the evils occurring inside the Colonia Dignidad.  Though the evil place was eventually disbanded, and its leader finally brought to face up to his awful crimes, thousands of innocent people were still left to  put together their shattered lives. To Help Support Strange Matters, please visit our Patreon Page!


The Dyatlov Pass Incident

In the freezing winter of 1959, nine experienced hikers traveled deep into the Russian mountains.  When these hikers missed their deadline on what was supposed to be a brief journey,  a search and rescue attempt was sent into the mountains.  What the investigators discovered would become one of the most baffling and intriguing mysteries of all time, known today as the Dyatlov Pass Incident. Rescuers would eventually find the hikers, all frozen and deceased, spread out across the mountain slope and woods.  For unknown reasons, at some point in the middle of the night the hikers had all run out of their tent into the freezing cold.  Their equipment and supplies were all found intact and undamaged.  Stranger still, the hikers had not even taken the time to properly dress before scattering away from the tent.  The bodies of the hikers would eventually be found in separate locations on the mountain. To further confuse the investigators, several of the bodies showed traumatic internal damage, without any outward wounds or signs of distress. What exactly happened to those veteran hikers that night?  Were they chased out by a pack of veracious animals, or even violent humans?  Were they the unfortunate victims of a secret soviet military experiment? Or perhaps the mountain claimed them with an unstoppable avalanche. Listen to this episode as we discuss of one of our favorite mysteries as we go over all the theories, both plausible and outlandish, and also dispel some of the myths and legends that are attributed to the Dyatlov Pass Incident. Check out similar podcast at the Dark Myths Collective Support Strange Matters over at our Patreon Page    

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