Stupid Human Suits

By Carol Hartsell & Sean Crespo

What's Stupid Human Suits about?

You are a completely insignificant, totally random evolutionary accident who could die any moment for no discernible reason. Fun, right?

Nearly everyone, at one time or another, has looked down at their body and thought, “What is this thing? How the hell did I get in here? What is an ‘I’ anyway and how much pizza can I put in it?” But almost no one asks those questions out loud for fear of making others uncomfortable.

Well, good news. Stupid Human Suits is all about that uncomfortable...ness. Each week, life/comedy partners Carol and Sean chat with a different guest about their obsessions with death, aging, the limitations of being in these bodies, our relative insignificance in the universe and other light topics. Sometimes it’s gross. Sometimes it’s sad. Sometimes it’s hopeful. And curiously, a lot of times it’s funny.

Music: Kevin MacLeod, 
Illustration: William Cheselden, Skeleton Praying, Osteographia, 1733

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Tattoos Are Forever, We Are...


Does the idea of permanently altering your stupid human suit excite or terrify you? Does body alteration make you feel like you have more control or does it simply remind you that you are temporary and easily damaged? Tattoo artist ...

Stupid Human Suits episodes: