Summer Lunches in France, Episode 295

07.26.2020 - By Join Us in France Travel Podcast

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In this episode, Annie and Elyse chat about our favorite summer lunches in France. We talk about eating habits locals have in France during the warm months and the foods we all look forward to every summer in France. We also share a few recipes and cooking tips from our southern France kitchens! #joinusinfrance #frenchfood #frenchwine #summerfoods Support Elyse on Patreon Annie & Elyse's Favorite Summer Lunches in France In France we don't want to turn the oven on. Why? Because most French homes don't have air conditioning! Turning the oven on raises the temperature of an already hot house too much. That's also why many villas in France have a full kitchen outside. Some people just have a barbecue, but you'll also find outdoor kitchens with a "plancha" (large hot plate), a fridge and a sink. And air-fryers are also good for that. Do French People Have Food Traditions in the Summer? French people used to eat a lot more regional foods, but as food distribution has become more global, you can find similar summer foods all over France. Barbecues French people barbecue sausages a lot. There are electric barbecues you can even use on a balcony. Merguez from North Africa Chipolatas from the south of France Porc chops Duck heats Grilled Rocamadour cheese Summer Salads Watermelon salad with feta and mint Caprese salad with garden tomatoes, mozzarela and fresh basil Salade Niçoise (and maybe some Socca to go with it?) Salads with boiled eggs and fruit (fresh strawberries or canned peaches or melons) Melon Charantais with prosciuto ham or with port wine Summer Soups Gazpacho Cucumber soup Royco soup (instant) Zucchini soup with either curry or Boursin cheese Summer Sandwiches Pain Bagnat Sandwich aux mergez Sandwich à la saucisse de Toulouse Summer Pizzas Pissaladière Fig and feta pizza Summer Fruit Peaches Melons Charentais Flat peaches or nectarines Summer Dishes Ratatouille (which you can make in one pot and without much fuss as Annie explains 19 minutes into the episode) Tian de légumes Quiches with a lot of onion or zucchini or Swiss chard or leeks Tomates farçies Dishes with fresh peas Mussels and fries Terrines de poisson or terrines de légume Fresh sardines on the grill Taboulé Apéritif dinatoire is a big thing in France in the summer Summer Is Rosé Season For some reason most French people switch to drinking rosé during the summer, especially in the last 10 years. It's completely OK to drink it with ice, but if you don't use ice it must be served very cold. There are good rosés from Corsica, Provence and Pays de Loire. More episodes about French food and wine   Email | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter   Did you get my VoiceMap Paris tours yet? They are designed for people who want to see the best of Paris neighborhoods and put what they are looking at into historical context. There are so many great stories in Paris. Don't walk right past them without having a clue what happened there! You can buy them directly from the VoiceMap app or click here to order activation codes at the podcast listener discount price. Support the Show Tip Your Guide Extras Patreon Audio Tours Merchandise If you enjoyed this episode, you should also listen to related episode(s): French Food, Episode 17 Dealing with food allergies in France, Episode 170 A Cornucopia of Bizarre French Foods, Episode 193 Food Prices at French Grocery Stores, Episode 197 Do's and Don'ts at Restaurants in France, Episode 209 Cafe Culture in France, Episode 228 Categories: French Culture, French Food & Wine

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