S7 E3-E4: Superfreak // Can't Fight Biology

09.04.2019 - By The On-Call Room: A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

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Our favorite leading lady is still struggling these episodes. Cristina doesn't want to be anywhere near an OR and the doctors are fighting over the next best step. Derek rises to the call and takes her under his wing, because "If she goes, I go!"

Avery is flirting to get surgeries and has his shirt off way too much.

Cristina buys a firehouse for Owen and her to live in. It's cool, but truly where did she get the money for that?

Mer decides it is time to get tested for the Alzheimer's gene, and Derek dreamy eyed tells her to not. Then he kisses her....it works.

If you only want to hear about Grey's content hit play at 15:17.



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