Season 2 Episode 13: Surprise with Guest Rosa Reinemann

10.27.2016 - By Black Mirror Library

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Put on your party hats and blow those streamers, babes, because you're attending a hell of a party! The whole gang is here to celebrate and thanks to Cordy there is plenty of chips and dip to go around. We even have Oz in attendance giving him a surprise of his own, even though turns out it's not a real shock. On the Hellmouth you don't just get one party, but two and Spike and Dru have a gift that they shouldn't have! No, like they really shouldn't have. We also have a gift for you, Scoobies, but I'd stake ours is far more enjoyable. We are joined for this party with our own special guest, the charming Rosa Reinemann! So join us, babes, for some delicious cake and world destruction!
Suggested talking points: Pound Puppies, showmance, sci-fi dystopia, and brown robins vs. round robins

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