Sustainability Defined

By Jay Siegel & Scott Breen

What's Sustainability Defined about?

SustainabilityDefined is the podcast that seeks to define sustainability, one concept (and bad joke) at a time. Hosted by Jay Siegel and Scott Breen.

Each episode focuses on a single topic that helps push sustainability forward. We explain each topic with the help of an experienced pro, place it within our organizational tree, and help our listeners define what exactly sustainability is, episode by episode.

We have divided our organizational tree into the following seven sectors:



Natural Environment





Each episode is categorized under one of our sectors and visually depicted within our organizational tree. The more episodes we complete, the more the tree will visually define what exactly sustainability means.

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Ep 62: Transit Oriented Dev...


What do Washington DC, Denver's Union Station, and Scott's recent vacation to Italy all share in common? Aside from being sweet places to visit, they all provide fantastic examples of Transit Oriented Development, the focus on this month's episode. Transit ...

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