Episode 26-Suzie, Do You Copy?

07.13.2019 - By Cast Protection: A Stranger Things Podcast

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It's finally back and so are we! Join us as we rocket into the summer of 85 with the return of Stranger Things! Whats the status quo, what's happened in the last 6 months since 11 closed the gate? Who is Suzie? Where's Dustin? Moustache Hopper! Talk about some puberty going on! Russians, ice cream, malls, movies, rats, cougars and more as the gang take a deep dive back into Hawkins. Enough preamble, download this now, we've all waited long enough! If you like the show, leave us a review on iTunes and shoot us an email at [email protected] We are on Twitter @CastProtection. Facebook, find us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/274523039596769/. Stay tuned and join us next time as we continue our coverage of Stranger Things 3!

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