Swami Brahmananda Saraswati on the Yogi Code & Deep Mindfulness (#74)

06.22.2018 - By CHITHEADS from Embodied Philosophy

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Swami is an atypical monk. He trained as a monk in Himalayas for 20 years then came to USA and studied physiology & health then went on to medical school and is currently a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University studying business with focus on entrepreneurship, healthcare management and organizational leadership.

Drawing upon his diverse Background and unique set of experiences Swami designed Deep Mindfulness Training for high performance and work life harmony. Swami takes a very hands on no-fluff, engaging and fun approach to help his clients develop high performing cognitive abilities, emotional and social intelligence, deep motivation and resilience.

Swami believes that all individuals, teams and groups of people are unique and have unique needs and learning aptitudes. Therefore he creates customized DMT programs with hand selected training tools, frameworks and strategies to maximize clients performance and satisfaction.

Deep Mindfulness Training is a custom mix of mindfulness practices and Emotional Quotient (EQ) training tools, strategies, frameworks and lifestyle recommendations.

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