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The taco. We’ve all had one. It doesn’t matter where you live. Race, religion, diet. In the last few years, it’s become the new burger. In its simplest form in America, it’s meat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes in a tortilla. Host Rob Gokee, a Los Angeles native & author of the book Tacocity, takes you on a journey of not only taco discovery, but the people who took a chance, and in some cases risked everything to bring their down recipes & dreams to life. Every episode is a different story, a unique look into taquerias across the country and a related taco recipe, as Rob walks you through cooking your own tacos in real time!

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Taqueando Festival


A full review of Bill Esparza's first Taqueando Festival in Los Angeles - all the vendors we hit up, all the tacos we ate, and who won the best taco!

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