37. Take bigger risks, w/Shellye Archambeau

03.26.2019 - By Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

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If you try to avoid risk, you actually risk total failure. Or worse: mediocrity. Take it from Shellye Archambeau. She led the most stunning Silicon Valley turnaround you’ve never heard of. She took the role of CEO for a failing tech company, months from bankruptcy. Through a series of calculated risks, she led it through a complex merger, a head-spinning pivot, and grew it into MetricStream, which now boasts 1,200 employees and a valuation in the hundreds of millions. How? Clear goals and big risks — the same principles that have defined her career. With a cameo appearance by poker champion Liv Boeree.

Our 2020 Rapid Response interview with Shellye is so good! Listen: http://listen.mastersofscale.com/ShellyeRR_

Read a transcript of this interview at: https://mastersofscale.com/shellye-archambeau-take-bigger-risks/

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