#119 Talib Kweli on Why The First Step Is Defining Who You Are

04.23.2019 - By Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

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This week’s guest on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu is Talib Kweli Greene.  Talib is an MC, recording artist, entrepreneur and social activist who has been influencing the culture at large for over 20 years.  In this episode, he talks about why knowledge is so valuable and yet so scarce, why success metrics are self-defined, and the difference between being an artist and a businessperson in the music industry.  This episode is sponsored by: Timeular: Get 10% off your order by visiting: www.timeular.com/impact; or use discount code 'IMPACT' ButcherBox. Use the discount code: "TOM" at butcherbox.com to get 20$ off and FREE BACON Wix: For 10% off your order please visit: wix.com/impact Audible: Try Audible Free here: audible.com/impact Fundrise: Get your first 3 months of fees waived by going to fundrise.com/impact   SHOWNOTES How to create yourself like Talib Kweli created himself [2:47]   Where Talib got his tenacity, work ethic and creative spirit [4:48]   Why business and artistic moves are equally important [6:31]   How Talib chooses to respect creatives [8:20]   Why Talib believes all artists are optimists [9:53]   How to move through the world [10:28]   Talib’s experiences in high school and how he learned to become indispensable [12:32]   How to become indispensable [13:52]   The world’s best advice on how to navigate through the world [14:12]   A prevalent belief about names in African American communities and why Talib’s name was so important to live up to [17:21]   If Talib could live forever, this is what he would do [20:56]   How Talib values connection and being in touch [23:42]   Why our memories are changed by our current mood and how Talib views evolution and reinvention [26:02]   How to step into a higher calling [28:02]   Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding & why Talib has to be the leader he’s looking for [30:02]   How Talib shapes culture and how he wants to influence it moving forward [31:17]   Some lessons that Talib has learned about becoming braver [33:49]   Why he would go independent faster if he could go back in time [35:49]   How to discover and define yourself & create your success [36:24]   Talib’s opinion on trolls and the importance of following through on the truth [39:20]   Why we are too polite as a society [43:01]   How to build your value system intentionally [44:32]   The impact Talib Kweli wants to have in the world [46:38]

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