Talking Mindful Productivity with Sarah Steckler & Jeremy Hurst

02.15.2021 - By Mindful Productivity Podcast

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Join me for a conversation around what Mindful Productivity is with one of my friends and collaboration buddies, Jeremy Hurst of Idenati. This is a special episode that originally aired on Jeremy’s Mindful & Intentional Podcast. Please make sure to go check out his show after listening, Jeremy has some incredible episodes that will help you dive deeper into what it means to define success and cultivate mindfulness both on and offline in your life and business. Jeremy was also a guest on the podcast back in episode 142 where we talked all about Decluttering the Internet. In this episode, Jeremy asked some amazing questions, tune in to our conversation around the following topics:In your podcast and on your blog, you talk a lot about a transformative period in your life around the 2012 - 2013 timeframe. What was going on in your life at the time?What was it like to experience mental health challenges and depression for the first time?What tools and techniques helped you get back to a good place?What was your introduction or first experience with mindfulness?How do you get from a master's program in health & wellness coaching to starting Mindful Productivity which loops in the left-brain aspects of productivity and strategy?What lead you to start your own business? What gave you the confidence? (parents were business owners? examples around you?)What is mindful productivity? What products and services do you provide to people?What do you do when your feeling unproductive?What advice do you have for people that would like to start or are just getting started with their own podcast?What advice or insight would you offer to people about finding balance and prioritizing self-care during these trying times?Grab your copy of the Mindful Productivity Guide & The Daily Productivity & Brain Dump Book. Find more resources over at Support the show (

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