Talking Tastebuds

By Venetia La Manna

What's Talking Tastebuds about?

Talking Tastebuds is a new weekly podcast series in which Venetia Falconer chats to a special guest about their life with food.

Whether they live to eat or eat to live, Venetia will uncover their favourite childhood dishes, their ultimate comfort food and their dessert island dishes.

Every week, Talking Tastebuds’ aim is to uncover the guest’s relationship with everything edible and how it affects their lives.

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LIVE PANEL: Toxic Masculini...


Welcome back to Talking Tastebuds. In this very special episode, we uncover how the social conditioning, patriarchy and gender norms placed on men can negatively impact their mental health and wellbeing. PANELISTS Michael James Wong (founder of Just Breathe, Modern ...

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