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What's Tax Smart Real Estate Investors Podcast about?

The Tax Smart Real Estate Investors Podcast is a show that focuses on tax, accounting, and finance tips for real estate investors and business owners. We bring on guests to talk through complex topics and we break it down into bite-sized chunks of knowledge for our listeners.

Our episodes generally run 30-60 minutes of no-nonsense, hard-hitting information. We know your time is valuable so our goal is to save you thousands of dollars per episode.

Hall CPA, PLLC is a CPA firm that exclusively serves real estate investors and real estate business owners. We work with synidcators and developers closing multi-million dollar deals, as well as small investors building a portfolio from scratch.

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215. Boost Your Property's ...


In this episode, Brandon and I are joined by Jason Yarusi, an active Real Estate Syndicator and Real Estate Investor and Coach at 7F Multifamily. We discuss the difference between asset management and property management, how to manage property managers, ...

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