TBW Episode 61 : 2019 Overwatch World Cup Predictions

10.27.2019 - By The Bird Watchers (Overwatch League Podcast)

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It's been a short hiatus, and I missed you all, but I'm back! =D

With the 2019 Overwatch World Cup around the corner, it's only natural I go over who I think the top 8 to watch are.

Join me for a brief overview of my top 8 countries and the players representing them.

Music By: RozeGold (Sound Cloud @rozegold | instagram.com/rozegold_b)

Time Stamps:

[ 0:00 ] News/General Banter

[ 2:00 ] How the 2019 Overwatch Worlds Tournament Works

[ 5:00 ] My Top 8 Teams

[ 20:00 ] Closing Statements/General Banter

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