Terra and Lightning's RPG Roundup

By Terra & Lightning

What's Terra and Lightning's RPG Roundup about?

We like RPGs. In fact, we like RPGs so much that we’ve decided to talk about them. Our premise is simple: we play an RPG from start to finish, and then we tell it like it is on our podcast. We plan to cover all types of role-playing games on various platforms – JRPGs, Western RPGs, retro games, RPGs out on current generation consoles, and games released on handheld systems. Whether you’re here for some nostalgia or want to pick up a new game, give our podcast a listen.

Upcoming games: Shining Force 2, Dragon Warrior, and Bravely Default.

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Segue Episode #2–Over and O...


"Over and Over and Over Again" (RPG Roundup Episode 36). So what have we been playing? Lots of stuff! Today’s episode laments some of the more repetitive elements of Bravely Default and also questions some of the -um- wardrobe decisions ...

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