Testiculos habet et bene pendentes

01.12.2021 - By Something Rhymes with Purple

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Take a seat, recline if you’d like or perhaps, even lie down because this week Susie and Gyles are going to be exploring the wonderful wordy world of furniture. Do you know your Chaise Lounge from your Divan? The Chesterfield from the Sedan? Get ready to be paraded around on a litter and discover why the secretaire is full of secrets, why bankruptcy ended in smashed benches and how a day-to-day bodily function named one of our most trusted household items… A Somethin’ Else production If you have any wordy wonderings or linguistical lamentations you’d like to ask to Susie and Gyles, you can get in touch by emailing [email protected] Susie’s Trio: - Testiculating - talk bollocks while waving your hands around - Groaking - Stare longingly at someone else’s food. - Cover-slut - item of clothing to hide any unsightly blemishes.
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