100: Texas Cryptid Creatures | Part One

05.11.2020 - By SCARED? - Ghost Stories and Tales of the Paranormal

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Welcome to an all new ‘SCARED?’ ! Less chat and MORE paranormal stories...... new logo, new music, new me! When I started making this 100th episode, I'd just lost my job and both my son and I became very ill... from 'something'.... Our good friend Will jumped in. In this episode, my proudest ever, Will Desrocher reports for ‘SCARED?’ from his native Texas. Stories of monsters in the Texan woods.... what lives there.... Will will guide us, as only Will can! This is a two part episode. Part 2 is available now to our kind wonderful Patreon supporters. JOIN our Patreon NOW, and get part 2 and many reward items... and keep our show 'on air'. GET PART 2 AND EXTRAS - SUPPORT US ON PATREON Part 2 will also be released near Christmas.... but hear it now, via Patreon. Thanks, as always to our wonderful colleague Will and in these times, stay safe. Love you all.... Phil

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