TForce GG - Episode 147: Marble Olympics

02.13.2019 - By TForce GG - A General Gaming Podcast

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It's extremely rare that a game just comes out of nowhere, with no big pre-release marketing push, no commercials, just boom, launched, and hits big. Super fun right out of the gate, lots of people playing it. A true suprise hit.
That's right, I'm talking about Dota Auto Chess. It's the hot new Dota mod that's taken over. We're here to talk about it.
Also something called Apex Lords? Apex Storm? Apex Awakening? Something, I dunno, it's supposed to be good.
Ok but no we have lots to say about Apex: Legends and how good it is and also Resident Evil 2 and how good it is.
Plus news. The gangs all here and we're ready to talk games.
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