TForce GG - Episode 181: 30 Minute Switch

10.16.2019 - By TForce GG - A General Gaming Podcast

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Look, we know having EVERYONE on the show last week was a lot. It was good. It was TOO GOOD.
So we've kicked off everyone except Punch and Meri. But guess what. IT'S STILL GOOD.
It doesn't matter how many people are on the show, we bring the heat. We bring the thunder. We brings the ruckus. 
Movie talk. Game talk. There's gonna be a PLAYSTATION 5!!!! WHOAAAAA! Ok well we have some actual details about it so that's cool.
Get ready. We comin.
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Intro: Katamari On The Rocks - Katamari Damacy OST 
Outro: Daphne Did It - Cleopatrick

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