TForce GG - Episode 149: Moist

03.05.2019 - By TForce GG - A General Gaming Podcast

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Look I wanna make one thing clear.
I use Nic Cage pics in all the episodes I'm not on because I don't know what was discussed and I'm too lazy to ask or listen to the show. So you might think I'm doing it as a way to goof on Nic Cage.
No. No I am not. I love Nic Cage. Had he been in some terrible movies? Yes he has. But hey, he's gotta pay the taxman, ok? I genuinely think he's a fantastic actor who is capable of giving incredible performances, and also is capable of giving some batshit crazy performances. He's multi-talented ok?
Also sorry this late. Again. I'm sorry. It wasn't my fault but I'm gonna apologize anyway cause it's kinda all I can do. I'm sorry.
Also RIP Keith Flint and Luke Perry. 
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