#TGIT - Ep. 111: Crying Ourselves To Sleep

05.08.2019 - By Talking Shondaland

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Shondaland Thursday! This week we discuss if Meredith loves Deluca, Owen in Therapy being a good thing until it isn't, Maggie's decision-making process, how this crossover event could have been bigger and better, Dean's dating life, we were right about Andy's reaction to finding our Maya & Jack's secret, Ripley and Vic relation and ending, and more much. Plus, listener feedback.

* Intro & News (0:00 – 3:13)
* S15 E22 & 23: Grey’s Anatomy (3:13 – 1:08:39)
* S02 E14 & 15: Station 19 (1:08:40 – END)

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Music: Fusiform (Anitek) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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