EPISODE 10 - 9th October - Water & Mental Health

10.09.2019 - By The Vale Podcast

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*WARNING - this week's episode does use a few light curse words and not just from us,  but our guests as well.  WE also discuss topics such as suicide and mental illness. If these things might be a trigger for you,  please take care and reach out to Lifeline on 13 11 14, Beyond Blue or your local GP* Water & Mental Health - They kind of go hand in hand really.  Jade & Donny have special guest Rob Albanese in to have a chat with Ali Cupper about the water situation right now. Rob sits on the LMW Strategic Advisory Committee. It's a long chat because Donny wouldn't get off the phone,  but one you can learn A LOT from and we actually applaud Ali for being so frank and honest with us.  How refreshing from a politician,  but it is the way it has to be and we appreciate it so it's well worth the listen. We also have Quentin (Norto) back in to talk about the Suicide Prevention Network which is being set up in Robinvale and of course Osher's visit next week and he does confirm that we will have him on the podcast next week.  In fact,  he will be the podcast prior to his appearence in Robinvale next week. We have a copy of his book "Back, after the break"  to give away and Jade talks about how it's the most important book about mental health she has ever read.  Sign up to our website to go in the draw. Kato is in to talk about what's in this week's edition of the Robinvale Sentinel and deliver her news in Tongan.   Jam packed and Loooooooong this week,  but we hope you enjoy it.

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