The Adult Chair

By Michelle Chalfant

What's The Adult Chair about?

Michelle Chalfant has been a seeker her whole life. Through her journey of discovery and decades of work as a therapist, she has developed an approach to understanding the struggles we all experience as we move through the world each day. In The Adult Chair, we’ll be using Michelle’s holistic approach to healing and transformation as a foundation for better understanding our relationship with ourselves. Along the way, we’ll host an ongoing conversation around stress, anxiety, depression, physical health, self-love, peace, emotional balance, and how our understanding of ourselves impacts the most important relationships in our lives.

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261: How to Receive a Bound...


We talk a lot about how to set boundaries in The Adult Chair®, but sometimes we forget that we are human and sometimes we cross others’ boundaries. The other side of mastering boundaries is learning how to humbly and gracefully ...

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