The Anime Nostalgia Podcast - ep 97: Seiyuu Spotlight: Megumi Hayashibara with Diana

03.25.2021 - By The Anime Nostalgia Podcast

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subscribers! Be sure to go to the blog to read the description easier & check out links for this episode! It’s my first ever Seiyuu Spotlight episode! These will be episodes focused on a notable Japanese voice-over artist. And who better to start with than 90s Anime Queen herself, Megumi Hayashibara?! This month is definitely her month: with a new book she just released in both Japan & America, AND it’s her birthday month?? Well, I have no choice but to recruit my fellow Megumi-fan Diana so we can gush all about her! Listen as we discuss her background, some of her most notable roles over the years, and how it’s VERY hard to chose just ONE favorite Slayers song. All this, and listener questions, too!Stream the episode above or [Direct Download] Subscribe on apple podcasts | Stitcher | Google Podcasts | SpotifyRelevant links:Buy the official English ebook of Megumi Hayashibara’s “The Characters Taught Me Everything” (or pre-order a physical copy, out Aug 17, 2021!)Watch a special video message by Megumi Hayashibara to her English-speaking fans about her book here!“Megumi Toons” translations by No-Name Anime (You can find the manga to import via a shopping service here!)Ranma 1/2 special “behind the scenes” interview featuring Megumi Hayashibara & other cast members (in Japanese only)Hayashibara’s “Voice Actor 30″ segment (in Japanese only) shows off some of the range of characters she played early on!“This is Megumi Hayashibara” playlist on SpotifyPokemon Sun & Moon tribute to Megumi HayashibaraMegumi Hayashibara’s official website!Find Diana on Twitter!My theme song music was done by Kerobit! You can find more about them on their Twitter!Support the work I do on this podcast by leaving me a tip on Ko-fi! Want to have your name read in the special thanks segment on the next episode? All you need to do is buy me 2 or more “coffees” on Ko-fi!As always, feel free to leave me your thoughts on this episode or ideas for future episodes here—or email me directly at [email protected] for listening!

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