Ep 630 | The ANSWER to the Baby Formula Shortage | Guest: John Doyle

05.17.2022 - By The Chad Prather Show

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In this special podcast, Chad addresses the truth about why it's very important to pay attention to how the government is handling the baby formula shortage and how it is packaging the story to Americans. How can America bounce back from a baby formula shortage? John Doyle, BlazeTV contributor and breastfeeding expert, joins the podcast and gives his theory behind the baby formula shortage. Ex-White House press secretary Psaki is in hot water for spreading misinformation when explaining the baby formula shortage. When will she be fact-checked? CNN+ continues to embarrass itself, and not because it had less than 10,000 viewers, but because it sent gift baskets to laid-off employees welcoming them into the company. Calvin Klein joins the woke company list by having a trans man pose for Mother's Day.
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