The Art of Getting it Wrong with Stephen and Amanda Miller

06.09.2022 - By Pardon the Mess with Cynthia Yanof

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Imagine having seven children and living in an RV. I know, I can’t either. Stephen and Amanda Miller are doing just that and today we get a sneak peek into their lives!    In his new book, Art of Getting it Wrong, Stephen reminds us that our failures are not final, and that it’s in those same failures where we learn to live courageously. It’s so easy to think our worth is equal to the sum of our successes and failures, but Stephen and Amanda help us dispel that notion and encourage us to follow God’s lead.    We also talk about adoption and finding God’s calling in our lives, and the Millers detail how God is using YouTube and their millions of downloads (literally) to point people back to him.    Thankful to each of you for joining us and can’t wait for you to hear from the Millers!    Resources from today's show:  The Art of Getting it Wrong The Miller Fam YouTube Helping Moms Raise Confident Daughters Every Home for Christ

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