The Avid Woodworker

By Leh Meriwether: Lawyer, Consultant, Woodworker, Podcaster

What's The Avid Woodworker about?

An audio show that talks about the joy of woodworking. Leh Meriwether, a full time lawyer and part owner of his own law firm, shares how he balances Work, Family, and Woodworking to build useful pieces of art that family and employees can use everyday. His work encompasses a variety of projects, including his children's furniture, dining tables, his desk at his office, and fancy pens that his own employees use to impress clients (just to name a few).

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025 - Overwhelmed by Woodwo...


This show focuses on the business side of woodworking. I share how I am struggling on which path to take. Trying to be a jack of all woodworking usually does not translate into a longterm, successful business. If net profit ...

The Avid Woodworker episodes: