262: The Batman Movie, The Joker, The Emmys

10.02.2019 - By Fat Man Beyond

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Kevin and Marc return to the Scum & Villainy Cantina to talk about:

- Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Tour
- Blackman Beyond shows with Tricia Helfer and Todd Stashwick
- Marc’s Pitch Meetings
- How Kevin benefited from his heart attack
- Ad Astra
- Kevin’s I Heart Radio presentation and Mumford and Son
- Jay and Silent Bob sell weed in LA
- Richard and Katie’s Gender Reveal
- The Emmy’s
- The Batman movie - casting
- The Joker
- CW Spinoff Shows
- Supernatural
- Walker Texas Ranger Reboot
- Dynasty & General Hospital
- Hopes for a new Knight Rider
- Q&A

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