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What's The BEMA Podcast about?

The BEMA Podcast is a walk-through of the context of the Bible and the Text itself, as well as surrounding history. We deconstruct our common readings of the Bible and attempt to reconstruct them through the lens of historical context.
The main body of work is contained in Seasons 1–5, and we encourage you to start with episode 0 and continue in order through episode 204.
BEMA Discipleship is a ministry of Impact Campus Ministries.

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285: John — Book of Signs


Marty Solomon and Brent Billings finish John’s “Book of Signs” and the concluding examination of belief and disbelief.BEMA 64: 3 Isaiah — ServantThought of the Day: Two Hands of Faith — Marty Solomon, YouTubeThe Universal Christ by Richard Rohr Support ...

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