The Best CNN Takedown Video I’ve Seen (Ep 1071)

09.20.2019 - By The Dan Bongino Show

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In this episode, I address what appears to be a coordinated media/liberal hit on the Trump team in an effort to scare them away from investigating massive Obama administration corruption. I also address the hysterical NBC face-plant on their climate change confessions. Finally, I address the socialism debate and a gun story that’s being mischaracterized by the media.

My new book: Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle and Audible.

News Picks:

Be very careful with the latest anti-Trump “scoop” about the foreign government “promise.” 

Another liberal-run city is being overrun by street crime.

Ex-Swedish Prime Minister warned Bernie Sanders about the economic dangers of socialism.

Don’t believe the media hype around the Colt AR-15 story.

The NRA says the leaked memo is a non-starter.

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