The Best Machine Learning Frameworks and Tensorflow Extensions with Derrick Mwiti - ML 031

05.20.2021 - By Adventures in Machine Learning

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Derrick Mwiti joins the adventure to discuss the various tools you can use to jumpstart your Machine Learning adventure. He walks through several frameworks for Machine Learning and points out several Tensorflow extensions that will make your Machine Learning models better and your understanding of what is going on easier.

He and Chuck walk through each one and highlight when and why you'd want to use them.


Charles Max Wood


Derrick Mwiti


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The Best Machine Learning Frameworks & Extensions for TensorFlow
Derrick Mwiti
Derrick Mwiti | Data Scientist | Author | Mentor | Udemy
Twitter: Derrick Mwiti ( @_mwitiderrick )
LinkedIn: Derrick Mwiti


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