The Best Suspect Ever

10.20.2017 - By The Black Dahlia Serial Killers

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Eight months passed and then, on Valentine’s Day 1948, there were two attacks. Viola Norton survived an assault by two men who abducted her in Alhambra, an eastern suburb of Los Angeles, and drove her 16 miles to Leimert Park. She was found clinging to life the next morning, a few blocks south of 39th and Norton, where the Black Dahlia’s body was found. That same day, realtor Gladys Kern was stabbed in the back while showing a house in the Hollywood Hills. Her body was found two days later, laid out on the kitchen floor. The case seemed to take a promising turn when police received a confession from the killer’s accomplice. And then, six months later, the LAPD made a dramatic announcement: They had arrested a man they called the “best suspect” so far in the Dahlia case. They claimed Leslie Dillon had information about the case that only the killer could know.

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