Ep 662 | The Biden Family Is DESTROYING America | Guest: Sara Gonzales

07.21.2022 - By The Chad Prather Show

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The Biden family is a crime family, and they are destroying the America you know. Another Biden joins the lowest approval ratings … first lady Jill Biden. Dr. Biden dropped 24 points from last year, and this latest poll comes after her recent comments comparing the Hispanic community to “tacos.” BlazeTV host of "The News & Why It Matters" and breakfast tacos expert Sara Gonzales joins the podcast and explains the recent drop in polls. MSNBC is lost after recent polls show that American trust in the media has fallen to a record low. When will the MSM understand? A California school district is considering planting a Planned Parenthood clinic in one of its schools. Parents, is this something you want your daughter or son to see on a regular basis at school? In the latest COVID news, the White House confirms that President Biden has tested positive for COVID-19.
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