The Big Homie

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What's The Big Homie about?

Comedian Shaun Latham, best known for their time working for The Pat McAfee Show and Barstool Sports. Buckle up as the 20 Dollar Chef dives into Food and Bev, stories from his 20 years in stand up and life, as well as welcoming all sorts of awesome guests from all walks of life. You know my former co-host and super homie, Todd McComas will be popping in regularly!

( This Podcast is formally Guns Blazin Podcast.)

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Voiceover by @carl_spitale

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S2 Ep5: Special Guest and M...


My best Buddy Todd McComas pulls me over. I dive into all things Ribs. I'm joined by Master Chef Shaun O'Neale!

The Big Homie episodes: