01.21.2021 - By The Genetic Genius

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On this week's episode of the Genetic Genius Podcast, Integrative Certified Nutritionist Specialist, Jennifer Brand discusses the root cause of skin conditions, specifically eczema, and food allergies.

Topics discussed on this week's show:

1. What is eczema and what are some of the root causes.

2. Are there specific foods that can trigger eczema? And are these triggers typically part of the root cause dysfunction?

3. What are food allergies and why do they occur?

4. What are the common food allergens that stimulate skin conditions and gut dysfunctions?

5. Do you see a connection between autoimmune diseases such as Celiac disease with a genetic component and skin conditions?

5. How does stress play a role in triggering eczema?

6. How about the gut - is gut dysfunction related to skin rashes and chronic skin conditions?

7. What is this microbiome community and how does it impact the health of the skin and gut?

8. Do you commonly see a connection between antibiotic use and eczema?

9. Are probiotics helpful for this? What probiotics do you recommend for skin rashes?

10. Many practitioners, including myself, use elimination diets for healing skin disorders. Do you use this approach in your practice?

11. Why do you think so many practitioners have such a hard time identifying and treating patients with chronic health conditions?

12. So many people are looking for relief when it comes to skin conditions and turn to steroid creams.Why are steroids so problematic? What are the natural topical options for skin care?

13. When working with a chronic skin condition how long can it take for someone to typically see relief and for the condition to resolve?

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