The Challenges of being a Single Teen Mom with Cera

04.11.2019 - By Journal Theory | Personal Evolution, Mindset Guidance & Connective Storytelling

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One of the biggest transformations I have been through was stepping into the role of motherhood. As we all know, being a parent comes with its slough of hardships. Today’s guest talks about what her experience has been like as teen mom as well as a single parent, how it lead to her career as a Nurse and the life lessons she has learned in her journey so far.     Book Recommendation for Mom’s raising little boys: Preparing Him for the Other Woman   Enroll in the Confidence Catalyst Group Coaching Program now!!   Imagine for a moment you had all of these: Complete body. mind & spirit alignment  A new confident identity that looked nothing like the one that shapes you now.  The tools & the power to change your mood and emotions instantly  A wildly capable mindset.  Skills to openly converse and engage with anyone, in any setting.   Massive Self-Love. Ready to create a catalyst in your life? Enroll HERE   Join me on Instagram for more connective storytelling, personal growth discussion & mindset guidance! @jordanpthomson @journaltheory If you’re a Shy Girl, or Recovering Shy girl, you NEED to join the Club! In this private Facebook group, I do live trainings to give you the tools and accountability to begin overcoming your shyness and stepping into confidence! Connect with myself and other women right now!!! Join Shy Girl Bye Club.

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